TWIAV - Tips & tricks

TWIAV - Tips & tricks

Vertical Mapper

Working seamlessly within MapInfo Professional, Vertical Mapper helps you display, manage, and interpret grid-based continuous spatial information. You can find the Vertical Mapper User Guide and Tutorial here.

Importing a BD ALTI® ASCII Grid file into Vertical Mapper

It is easy to import an ASCII Grid file into Vertical Mapper. Here we will use, as an example, a DTM (Digital Terrain Model) for the whole of France. The file we use - MNT250_L93_FRANCE.ASC - is part of the BD ALTI® product range of the French Institut Géographique National (IGN). The file can be downloaded and used for free.

In the document below you will find a short description of the steps to follow.

And the result should look like this:.

La Douce France